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Photo courtesy of Blue Skies Unlimited

Mount Shasta and the New Shambhala

By Peter Mt. Shasta

What is Shambhala? From the beginning of time legends have come down to us of a semi mythical place in Asia inhabited by a race of highly evolved beings living in peace and harmony and working for the benefit of humanity. Lost Horizons, and the classic movie by the same title, portrayed such an idyllic place called Shangri-La. There, in a lost world beyond the Himalayas, lived a race of enlightened beings who had so perfected themselves that they ceased to age and lived in youthful, healthy bodies, enjoying the beauty of life to the fullest, radiating love to the rest of the world.

Few people know that the author, James Hilton, was inspired in his vision by a visit to Mount Shasta. As he crossed the Siskiyou Mountains, coming down from Ashland, he beheld glacier clad Mount Shasta and the serene valley at its base, bounded by stunning mountains on nearly every side. As he descended into the Shasta Valley in the neighborhood of Yreka, he met friendly, peaceful people, and his vision of Shangri-La took substance.

Was James Hilton dreaming? Or, was he perceiving something which actually exists in some other dimension, some other time ? He is not alone in his inspiration. Many others have had similar visions on visiting the area. Some have seen white columned temples resembling the Parthenon on the slopes of the Mountain, or been visited while camping on the Mountain by tall beings in long robes who spoke of an ancient race who lived on the far side of Mount Shasta, from where they journeyed out into the world on missions of guidance, peace and healing.

According to Pearl, a long time resident of the area who introduced me to the teachings of the Ascended Masters, there was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle that told of half a dozen men in violet robes crossing the San Francisco Bay on the ferry, walking through town to the mayors office, and delivering a prophecy of a great earthquake that would devastate that city if people did not live more moral lives. The mayor had said, "Who will believe me, and how do I know you speak the truth?"

One of the tall beings leaned over and drew his finger across the mayors desk, effortlessly leaving a deep groove in the wood. "Who are you, and where do you come from?" asked the mayor.

"We come from a colony on the slopes of Mount Shasta," was the reply, and they departed as they had come, back across the bay. For many years that groove remained on the mayors desk, a reminder of the words that foreshadowed the event to come.

Even the origin of the name, "Shasta," is clothed in mystery. The great mystic and founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who once visited Mount Shasta, said that the Sanskrit word Sishta is the enlightened remnant of a previous age that forms the seed of a coming humanity. Again, a sort of Shambhala.

The Sanskrit word Shasta means one who lives according to divine law. Although, some say that Mount Shasta was actually named by French fur trappers who called it chaste, meaning "pure." Or, it could have received its name from the Tshastel Indians who lived in the area.

Whatever the origins of the name, many have come to the Mountain because of a vision or calling. I have heard many stories over the years of what brought people to the Mountain. Some are as mundane as a car breaking down and the person falling in love with the area while waiting for a part to arrive, while others speak of Masters coming in dreams or meditation.

My introduction to the Mountain came in India. I was in Allahabad for the Kumbhamela, a sort of giant, annual Woodstock of holy men and spiritual pilgrims, where millions come together to seek their gurus and destinies. It was here that one of Paramahansa Yoganandas gurus, Lahiri Mahasia, met the ancient yet youthful Babaji, who initiated him into Kriya Yoga (see: Self Realization Fellowship). Many attend the Kumbhamela hoping for similar fortune.

I had wandered away from the heat and dust of the throng, up a cool, tree lined, side street leading into the city and the house where Ram Dass's guru, Neem Karoli Baba was staying. As I reached the gate of the house a young man dressed in white with a bright smile came up to me and began a conversation, "Really, one doesn't need to go to India. Everything I have needed to know about connecting to the spirit I learned meditating on a rock on the side of Mount Shasta. Its a place where the veils between the ethers are thinner than elsewhere, and where the Masters can communicate with you more easily. You should go there when you get back to the States. Also, read the Green Books, Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence and The "I Am" Discourses." Then he was on his way.

Godfre Ray King, author of Unveiled Mysteries and cofounder with his wife, Lotus, of the Saint Germain Foundation, spoke of meeting David Lloyd on the slopes of the Mountain. The Master Saint Germain had come to David when he was a young man in England and said words to the effect, "Seek for the man with the crystal cup. One day on the slopes of a great mountain in North America you will meet him, and at that moment you will attain liberation."

According to the description in Unveiled Mysteries, when he met Godfre a crystal cup filled with liquid light appeared in Godfre's hands, and David knew that the long anticipated moment had come. He drank from the cup which he knew the beloved Master Saint Germain had precipitated and, feeling his body scintillating with energy, began to rise from the ground. Gradually he became translucent, ascending into the air, and soon disappeared in light before Godfre's eyes.

Since those days many others who have read that account, or to whom the Masters have spoken in one form or another, have come here looking for the key to their own liberation. Perhaps for most the solution is not so dramatic as being given a cup of liquid light. But, then again, perhaps the cup is given in other ways. Some feel that the energy of the Mountain itself is the cup of light. Although all mountains have a certain exhilarating feeling due to their elevation above the dense worlds of human thought and feeling that accumulate at lower elevations, many speak of feeling Mount Shasta's quickening energy while still seventy-five miles away. For some, though, the energy is repellent, and they can only pass through, glad to be on their way, perhaps because they are too ungrounded or are unable yet to work on those personality traits the Mountain cooks forth from those who are accepted into its crucible.

Shambhala is also a state of mind, according to the Tibetan Lama, Ch–gyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It is a state of being, an attitude toward life which recognizes inherent goodness in all. Shambhala recognizes and honors the essential nobility of the spirit that is in everyone. It is not only a land of enlightened people, it is an enlightened society, a place where each lives for the benefit of others (For information on Shambhala Training given in most major US and European cities, visit . Also, read, Shambhala, The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Ch–gyam Trungpa Rinpoche).

Although this seems almost unattainable in light of the present condition of the world, it is with an idea that all great undertakings begin. Even though one can not personally perfect the entire world, we can perfect our own world, our perceptions of self and others through the power of our own illumination. The Vajrayanna practices of Buddhism teach one to take total responsibility for ones own world, to see oneself as a ruler in the center of a mandala which is the world of ones own making. Rather than try to change the world, change the mandala. Each of us is the ruler of that world, who, with the sword of the warriors wisdom, can cut away the illusory thoughts and misconceptions that veil us from our true selves. In the full experience of that Self the world reveals itself as it truly is, perfect.

As William Blake said, "If the windows of our perception were cleansed, the universe would reveal itself as it truly is, infinite."

Each of us can attain that Shambhala Within if we maintain the attitude that what I do for myself I do for all. In that way we are perfecting the world. We are the builders of Shambhala and its rulers.

Mount Shasta is one such place imbued with the vision that life is perfectible. Happiness, wisdom, peace and compassion are attainable, not only for the self, but for the larger Self of which humanity is the mirror.

Several years ago while meditating one morning, Trungpa Rinpoche appeared to me and took me into the blue sky above Mount Shasta. He pointed toward the Shasta Valley, and with a sweep of his arm that encompassed the area from Mount Shasta to Mount Ashland, said, "This is the New Shambhala."

I saw that many people would be coming to the area, drawn by a similar vision. I saw many spiritual centers, temples and retreats, domes, new types of buildings constructed in harmony with nature to house this inflow of seekers that the Masters would invite. And I felt elated to be alive at the time of this Great Awakening, to be a part of the building of the New Shambhala.

Peter Mt. Shasta began working with the Ascended Masters in 1972 when St. Germain materialized before him and gave him the opportunity to learn and serve under his guidance. he was subsequently visited by various other Ascended Masters in their visible light bodies. The result of these contacts is the book of their instruction "I AM" The Open Door. Peter is also a health consultant using primarily Homeopathy and Chinese herbs. His book is available through Mount Shasta Magazine. Copyright, 2000, by Peter Mt. Shasta

Photo courtesy of Blue Skies Unlimited

From the Radiant Temple: an Interview with Nola Van Valer

On March 21, 1922, as a demonstration of her faith in God, Nola Van Valer, against the express wishes of her husband, opened the back door of her home in Richmond, California and allowed a tramp into her kitchen. This simple act set in to movement a chain of events that would dramatically effect the lives of Nola's family and thousands of people worldwide.

Years later Nola was called to Mount Shasta where she received dictation from ascended beings, which she wrote down in shorthand. These writings have been collected into books. The Tramp At My Door, My Meeting with the Masters on Mount Shasta and Mt. Shasta Ascended Master Teaching outline the teachings that serve as the foundation of the Radiant School of Seekers and Servers today.

The following interview was conducted by Emilie Frank, a reporter for the Dunsmuir News in 1979 shortly before Nola passed. Emilie Frank was a Mount Shasta enthusiast but could not be called a member of the alternative spiritual community. She was very curious about the Ascended Masters and their teachings.

EF: Why do the masters appear to some and not to others?

NV: The opportunity is at hand. If it is intended for you to see, you will see whether you believe it or not. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

EF: But why do you suppose it happened to some and not to others?

NV: Because some are more suitable for it and perhaps have earned it through their different lives. Some people seem to receive that do not earn it, but they had to have earned it in some way or another or they would not receive.

EF: Why did the Ascended Masters chose to come to this mountain during the 1930's?

NV: That was the season. And this mountain is a magnetic mountain-so much so that some planes cannot fly over it.

EF: Are you still in contact with any of the Ascended Masters you met in the 1930's?

NV: Oh absolutely.

EF: Have you seen St. Germain, who reportedly appeared to Mr. Ballard (Founder of the I AM Activity) during that time?

NV: Oh yes, I've seen St. Germain. Mr. Ballard was up on Mt. Shasta the same year we were, at the same time and what he received I will verify.

EF: To your knowledge were there any other people who saw the Ascended Masters during that time?

NV: Oh yes, there were other people. I don't know all of them.

EF: But they didn't do anything about it?

NV: No. I didn't either for a while. I was afraid of what they would think.

(Mrs. Van Valer then explained that she came to Mt. Shasta every year for ten years until the beings no longer appeared on the mountain. During these times she visited a temple inside a cavern, and then revisited the temple every year for ten years. Inside were Phylos the Tibetan, who taught the Bible as it was originally written, and many other Ascended Masters.)

EF: Is the cavern still there?

NV: As far as I know. I haven't been up on the mountain for years.

EF: And Phylos was there every time?

NV: Oh absolutely.

EF: Does that mean he is always there?

NV: No.

EF: Where is he when he isn't on Mt. Shasta?

NV: I would say he remains in the heavenly realms. I wouldn't know otherwise.

EF: The temple inside the mountain is reputed to be one of the 18 sacred temples of the world where Phylos appears. Is this true?

NV: As far as I know. And not only Phylos-many masters were there.

EF: In another interview you mentioned that Jesus was the son of Elohim.

NV: Yes. Elohim is the Heavenly Father. Elohim is the family name of the God who created man.

EF: Does that mean that the God who created man is not the Supreme God?

NV: No. He is just one of the Gods.

EF: Who is the Supreme God?

NV: I couldn't tell you. I never met him.

(In another interview by another writer I had once read that Nola claimed to have met Jesus on the mountain during those 10 years. I decided to ask her.)

NV: Yes I met Jesus and he doesn't look like the pictures and paintings we've all seen. He's more than average height. He doesn't have long hair, nor a beard. He doesn't look anything like what we've been led to believe. He's light complected.

EF: Did you think he was a powerful being, or God?

NV: I don't think he's a God. He's the son of the God who created man.

EF: Do you believe that He was born of the Virgin Mary-that he was on this earth.

NV: Yes I do. Every word of the bible is true.

EF: And he was crucified, died, buried, rose again and then ascended into heaven.

NV: He ascended. The Bible does not say He ascended into heaven. That's the trouble. So many people think the bible says that and it doesn't. They think it the way they want to think it. Jesus ascended.

EF: You were quoted once as saying that a new messiah is coming.

NV: There won't be a "new" messiah. He will come anew. He will be here by the year 2000-could be before. A great change is taking place over the earth. By the year 2000 we won't be anything like we are now. A great change is coming. True religion will be in existence all over the world.

EF: What's going to happen then? Will everyone live in harmony? There will be no heaven or hell?

NV: There will be peace. It will be a new world. There is no hell-we make our own discomforts. That's a good name for it. . .

EF: How many belong to your Radiant School?

NV: I couldn't tell you-there are students all over the world. I don't have anything to do in connection with the work at the present time. I'm just not able to do it.

EF: I understand that you took everything down in shorthand when you were on the mountain with the Ascended Masters. Is this what you send out to your students, what you were taught on Mt. Shasta?

NV: Not altogether. What I was taught, yes, but not word for word.

EF: What did the masters say about the bible?

NV: Every word in the bible is true but it has been misinterpreted. I was taught how to find the correct way of interpreting the bible.

EF: How often do you meet the Ascended Masters?

NV: Whenever they wish to.

EF: Do they still appear on the mountain?

NV: They don't stay there. They don't have to stay there. In the bible, all through it, the Ascended Masters appear. They weren't called Ascended Masters, they were called Sacred Ones. It has never changed. It's been the same ever since and they appear just as plain today as they did then. God hasn't changed. We're the ones who have changed.

Now, they come to the mountain because it's a magnetic field and it's easier for people to be in contact with them. They don't work in one place, they work all over the world. You have to understand what a master is.

A master was created at the same time Adam and Eve were created, not at the beginning of the world, at the beginning of the white race. Masters are the children of the Elohim. They're not angels. Angels never had physical bodies.

Masters were humans once and they ascended. They were the 144,000 that Jesus took up with Him when He ascended and he brought them back down to earth to work on the earth until the time of the resurrection. It tells you so in the bible. The trouble is people don't read the bible and what it says. They just accept what somebody else says it says.

(I could see that Mrs Van Valer was tiring and that I must conclude the interview soon. But there were still several questions...)

EF: And Jesus brought the 144,000 Ascended Masters back to earth? Then that's what Ascended means, that they ascended with Jesus?

NV: That's right.

EF: And Jesus also works on earth now?

NV: Certainly. He never left us. He's been here ever since he came to earth.

(There was one more thing I had to know.)

EF: If Mt. Shasta was such a point of power, how will it be affected in the new world?

NV: Mt. Shasta is the seat of understanding. There is less sin and corruption here than any other part of the earth. That's why you were attracted to Mt. Shasta and that's why I was attracted to Mt. Shasta. All of my interests were in San Jose at one time.

EF: Do you think that pertains to all the people who live in the city of Mount Shasta?

NV: Yes. They're here for a purpose, regardless of whom or what they are.There will be more people coming to Mount Shasta. Many more.

The Radiant School of Seekers and Servers, although somewhat diminished in size since Mrs. Van Valer's passing, still exists today and can be contacted at POB 378, Mount Shasta, CA 96067, Ph. 530-926-5373.

Is Mt. Shasta a Remnant of Lemuria?

By Emilie Frank

There is a mystique about Mt. Shasta, rising ethereally white above the green Sacramento Valley, a mystique that stirs the spirit and the imagination of humans far and near.

A writer named Billie Harshberger wrote in 1936, "Somewhere in the hidden reaches of western mountains, a strange race of people lives, works and plays - a race of Lemurians who came to these shores from the lost continent of the Pacific.

"An old fanciful tale, you say? Well, there have been stories about these Lemurians from credible witnesses who insist the Lemurians have the power of invisibility.

"Weird lights that flash from Mt. Shasta and queer undecipherable hieroglyphics chiseled in solid rock, lend credence to the belief that this race exists. Scientists have puzzled over the possibility that a great continent once reared itself in mid-Pacific islands. Could not the inhabitants have escaped to our shores? I sought out old seamen and they said it was so. I sought old records, logs, and rare writings and they agree. From the lips of weather-beaten men with eyes trained on far horizons I heard of ancient cultured lands submerged by catastrophe."

Harshberger goes on to say that historians have reported that in California there is evidence to show that people (presumably Lemurians) have lived and taken refuge in the center of an extinct volcano, hidden from worldly observation, and it is possible these people of Mt. Shasta are still living. This may explain the invisible city.

Referring to the "lost continent," Harshberger stated there were hundreds of records, geological and historical, to prove that islands have been disappearing and reappearing in the Pacific since the known world has been recording such happenings. "At Ponape, in the Caroline Islands, 2,300 miles from Japan, there is a deserted city known as Metalanim, the ruins of which cover eleven square miles.

"There are massive walls and great temples intersected by miles of artificial waterways. Sailors call it the 'Venice of the Pacific' and Professor Macmillan Brown, an authority on such matters, believes that this could have been built by tens of thousands of laborers. Yet now the place is not large enough to accommodate 20,000 and on all the islands within a radius of 1,500 miles, there are not 50,000 people living. What happened to all the others?"

Harshberger ends the piece by stating, "Scientists believe that there was once a continent which formerly filled a large part of the world's most extensive maritime basin­the Pacific Ocean. The former home of early Lemurians, I'd say, the last of whom live quietly and pray in Mt. Shasta."

Many seeking inspiration or new experiences as well as students of occultism visit the mountain during all seasons of the year. Mt. Shasta is listed among the seven mountains of mystery. The others are Mt. Ararat in the Caucasus; Mt. Whitney in Sierra; The Grand Teton (Mt. Gannett) in Wyoming; Mt. Meru in the Andes; Mt. Ruvengari in Africa; Mt. Everest (Shegatsee) in the Himalayas and Mt. Monserat in Spain

This is an excerpt from Frank's book Mount Shasta - California's Mystic Mountain.

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